A Rock-Solid Foundation Starts With AM Masonry

Hire us to install your basement foundation in the Collins, NY area

If your basement foundation isn't installed properly, your home or office building will be plagued with structural issues. AM Masonry LLC doesn't cut corners, so look no further for a reputable foundation installer in Collins, NY.

Don't want to deal with a damp basement? Ask us about our basement waterproofing services. Call 716-218-5224 now so we can discuss the perks of waterproofing your basement.

Read this before starting a basement remodel

Read this before starting a basement remodel

Want to turn your damp basement into a sleek game room, stylish living space or a watertight storage area? If so, consider scheduling...

  • Basement waterproofing services to keep your space dry
  • Glass block window installation services to enhance your privacy
  • Foundation replacement services to support an additional living space
From replacing your deteriorating foundation to installing drain tile, we've got you covered. Contact us today to reinforce your basement foundation prior to starting a remodel in the Collins, NY area.