Add a New Door to Your Facility

Arrange for our commercial door opening services in the Collins, NY area

Wanting to make your building more accessible? When you have a solid brick or stone wall, it might seem impossible to build a new commercial door. Opening the wall up to install a new door is simple when you work with AM Masonry LLC.

Our commercial masonry team based in Collins, NY can:

Provide take offs based off original architectural prints
Provide a consultation to discuss the door installation you want
Visit your property to take measurements and plan the project
Break through the wall to create your commercial door opening
Provide finished masonry around the new opening

To get started, consult our masonry contractors right away. You can also contact us about replacing or expanding an old door opening.

Our team won't turn down a difficult project

Our team won't turn down a difficult project

Do structural steel beams support the wall where you want to install a door? Our commercial masonry contractors can work around them with ease. Plus, we can provide a variety of options that will blend right in with your wall's structure. Contact us today to plan your project.