We're Well-Suited for Chimney Work

We're Well-Suited for Chimney Work

Turn to us for chimney repair services in the Collins, NY area

Does your chimney look worse for wear? Have you considered climbing up on your roof to take a closer look at the damage? Do yourself a favor by turning to AM Masonry LLC of Collins, NY for chimney repair services. We'll safely examine your chimney for cracks and crumbling bricks, then explain how we can restore your chimney within your budget.

For example, we can...

  • Seal leaky flashing
  • Replace weathered bricks
  • Reinforce your deteriorating chimney with concrete
Call 716-218-5224 now to learn more about our chimney services.

Don't put off chimney repairs

Keeping up with your chimney repairs can reduce your risk of a chimney fire and prevent your chimney from toppling over. If you've got a deteriorating chimney hanging over your head, don't wait another day to schedule residential or commercial chimney repair services.

Reach out to AM Masonry today to get affordable chimney services in the Collins, NY area.